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About itBit

itBit is part of the Paxos family, whose mission is to modernize finance by mobilizing assets at the speed of the internet. As a global exchange and custodian, itBit offers institutional and retail investors a regulated platform to buy, sell and hold crypto assets. In 2015, itBit obtained a New York State trust company charter and became the first regulated Bitcoin exchange in the U.S. A regulated financial services company based in New York City, itBit is focused on meeting the sophisticated needs of institutions, active traders and other crypto asset trading professionals.

We hold ourselves to a very high hiring bar. To achieve this, we think of roles first and foremost as outcomes to be achieved, not simply a description of responsibilities. We have developed what we call a ‘Success Profile’ for this role, which has two sections:

  • Outcomes: Meaningful and measurable work products that have a significant impact on the team and business over a defined timeframe
  • How to Achieve Outcomes: We have a strong point of view on how this role will succeed in achieving outcomes at itBit. So, we have taken the Operating System of itBit – our values – and made it relevant to this role.


  • Help to build the network of OTC liquidity partners and developing a stable inflow of new OTC clients leveraging relationships in existing itBit client base as well as proactively engaging new institutions to establish ongoing trading relationships.
  • Own the OTC settlement process and understand the exchange, trade execution, market dynamics, working with the operations department to assist in the settlement of trades executed on the OTC desk. Success is measured by average settlement time for OTC trades and integration within normal ops processing windows.
  • Develop a strong client relationship with OTC participants. Success is measured by volume of OTC trades and overall revenue from the OTC business.
  • Develop and deliver innovative trading solutions for ICG clients that do not have toolkits or playbooks (i.e. never been done before at itBit or never been done period) but have a significant impact on the business. Success is measure by number of products / trade services offered to itBit clients, especially those that are differentiated from traditional market offering.

How to achieve the Outcomes:

Technical Acumen Required:

  • Strong trade execution, communication and cryptocurrency expertise with the ability to effectively execute  high volume OTC trades and facilitate the settlement process for multiple asset types Comfort working in a tech-driven environment with the ability to coordinate across several stakeholder groups (Engineering, Operations, Marketing, HR).

Shared Commitment to Excellence:

Constantly and relentlessly advocate to achieve goals at the 1% level. Doing this is everyone’s responsibility
  • You push for changes to existing processes or programs because you care deeply about improving the overall effectiveness of a process/program/product.
  • Consistently be able to deliver organizational or business objectives to your team without any loss in translation between New York and global offices and use that as a driver for superior performance of your team

Real-time Candor:

Provide real time, honest feedback about how we work with each other. Real respect means complete candor even if it means having a difficult, uncomfortable conversation
  • Be an honest voice in the company.  Make discussions issue-based and productive
  • Show respect for colleagues by providing positive and constructive feedback in real time directly to colleagues
  • You do not hesitate to hold anyone accountable, regardless of level/title/authority in the company
  • You are a vocal participant in any meetings you are part of. You express opinions as you have them

Be an Owner:

Being able to say “this is my problem, even if I can’t solve this on my own”
  • You feel accountable for the sum of the parts and not just "your part" of a project/program/product. This means you call attention to issues even when it is not in your area of focus
  • You take control of problems surfaced within your department, especially when it is not clear who "owns" it. You drive or track the resolution of the issue
  • You always consider how every action impacts the company and find solutions that not just benefits you or your department, but the whole company

Search for the Truth:

Obsess over finding the answer to the ‘why’ of any solution you propose, instead of attaching yourself to an idea or agenda
  • Constantly thinking through and proactively surfacing unique insights within your area of work
  • You understand your work so well that you are able to identify when a new idea might create more problems than it solves
  • You aren't deterred by exploring a solution that you know others disagree with

itBit is an equal opportunity employer. It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, color, race, religion, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, physical and mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law.

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