blockchain engineer referral program

Earn $3,000 for every candidate you refer that joins our team

itBit is looking for Blockchain Engineers with a passion for solving new, complex problems and a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit to join our BankchainTM team.


1. Refer a candidate using button below, providing full name and email address


2. Candidate gets hired and remains employed for at least 90 days


3. You receive $3,000! 

You can also send referrals directly to itBit's Global Director of Talent, Leanne Wong, at lwong@itbit.comPlease use subject line Blockchain Engineer Referral Program

Are you a blockchain engineer interested in working at itBit? Apply now 


Program Terms & Conditions

For every candidate you introduce to us that is placed at our company, we’ll pay you $3,000. For a candidate to be considered “placed” by you, all of the following must happen:

  1. A candidate must be presented by you to us via a “warm introduction” using e-mail.

  2. That candidate cannot already be known to us. In addition, that candidate cannot already have been introduced to us by any other source (i.e. another participant in this referral program, an itBit employee or a formal recruitment agency). We’ll notify you as soon as we can if we believe that a candidate you presented to us was already introduced or made known to us (and we have full discretion to make this decision).

  3. The candidate must be accepted and hired to work full time for us, at some point within 6 months of you presenting that candidate to us.

  4. The hired candidate must continue to work for us for at least 90 days after his or her start date (excluding a termination as part of a general company layoff).

If all of the above conditions are met, we will pay you the $3,000 referral fee for each placed candidate at the end of the 90 day period. We can change or end this program at any time; and in no way are we prohibited from using other recruiting sources.