Who is Accepting Bitcoin Now? October 2014


As digital currencies gain legitimacy, their acceptance for goods, services and donations will continue to grow. Each month, itBit’s Who is Accepting Bitcoin Now? series highlights notable companies and other organizations around the world that have joined the Bitcoin movement.

October saw a number of retailers, universities and other businesses begin to accept bitcoin. The digital currency can now be used to attend a college football bowl game in the United States, purchase real estate in Brazil and place a wager online.



French fashion retail company Showroomprivé.com recently partnered with bitcoin payment processor Paymium to allow customers to pay for their purchases with bitcoin. This option will be available for customers in France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland and the UK.


Shopify has now partnered with GoCoin allowing all of its 120,000+ merchants to accept payment with bitcoin as well as other digital currencies.

GMO Payment Gateway

GMO-PG, which provides payment services to over 48,000 Japanese online merchants, recently partnered with bitFlyer to allow customers of those companies to make bitcoin payments starting in November.


Electronics retailer CeX is now accepting bitcoin as payment in all of its centrally owned stores throughout the United Kingdom. The company will also hold bitcoin rather than immediately exchange it for fiat currencies as is common with many companies that accept the digital currency.

On Campus

Georgia Tech

The U.S. university recently partnered with BitPay to allow students, faculty and staff to use bitcoin to fund their BuzzCards. The cards are used to pay for food, laundry, parking and other on-campus goods and services. Bitcoin can also be used as a payment option at concession stands at Georgia Tech sporting events.


Australia’s Flinders University will accept bitcoin at its New Venture Institute’s Venture Dorm, a 12-week entrepreneurial education program. Flinders is Australia’s first university to accept digital currency.

Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl

The college football bowl game played annually in St. Petersburg, Florida will, for the next several years, be dubbed the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl. BitPay and ESPN partnered on the sponsorship deal. Tickets for the game as well as associated merchandise will be available for purchase with bitcoin.


Cozy Games

Cozy Games partnered with GoCoin to become the first regulated online gambling platform to allow payments using digital currencies.


Gaming website Chess.com has a new sister site, Gambit.com, where users can compete in arcade style games and place wagers in real-time. These wagers can be placed in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Adoption Around the World

DC Area Food and Drink

In Washington D.C., aerospace expert Steve Davis began accepting bitcoin at his bar, Thomas Foolery, and his yogurt shop, Mr. Yogato.

Brazilian Real Estate

Brazil real estate company Tecnisa is now accepting bitcoin, making it the largest Latin American company to accept bitcoin (based on revenue).

European Coffeehouses

Paralelní Polis, a coffeehouse in Prague, only accepts payment in bitcoin.

Polish Medical Care

A private hospital in Warsaw, Poland owned by the Medicover Group will now accept bitcoin as payment for a wide range of healthcare services, including major surgeries.

Dutch Bitcoin Boulevard

A couple of streets in The Hague in the Netherlands recently launched Bitcoin Boulevard. All of the shops and restaurants on those streets accept bitcoin as a method of payment.