Who is Accepting Bitcoin Now? February 2015


February saw two well-known payment processors begin accepting bitcoin and computer giant, Dell, expand their bitcoin payment option to customers outside the United States. There were also a few firsts for digital currency acceptance in both the UK and Cuba.  

Payment Processors


Stripe, a startup that allows individuals as well as companies to accept payments over the internet, has announced that any company using Stripe can now accept bitcoin. The company, which is used by Facebook and Lyft,  had previously launched a bitcoin payment beta program in March of 2014. Stripe will charge 0.5% on each successful bitcoin transaction.


Adyen, a global multichannel payment company based in the Netherlands, has teamed up with BitPay to allow merchants to accept bitcoin payments from customers. Thus far, UK-based gaming company Jagex is the first such merchant to accept payments from customers in bitcoin. Jagex will accept bitcoin payments for both microtransactions and memberships. Adyen counts four of the five largest US internet companies among its over 3,500 participating merchants.



Computer company Dell has been accepting bitcoin payments for its products from US customers since summer 2014. Michael Dell announced that the company would now begin accepting bitcoin payments from customers in both the UK and Canada.

Hold’em Manager

Poker software company Hold’em Manager is now accepting bitcoin as payment in the Hold’em Manager store for software and many of its apps. Hold’em Manager is, to date, the biggest poker software provider to accept digital currencies.



Australian based travel booking website Webjet has begun accepting bitcoin as payment for its Webjet Exclusives holiday packages. If all goes well, the site may soon accept digital currency as payment for flights, hotels and other travel accommodations. Webjet has enlisted BitPOS to handle the bitcoin transactions.

Scanning the Globe...

London Real Estate

The London franchise of real estate company RE/MAX Europe announced that all sixteen of its London offices will now be accepting bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin payments for rentals of their hundreds of properties. RE/MAX has partnered with GoCoin to make this move possible.

UK Politics

Gulnar Hasnain is a Green Party Parliamentary candidate in Vauxhall in the UK’s upcoming general election next May. Hasnain has begun accepting bitcoin donations from supporters, becoming the first mainstream political candidate in the UK to do so.

Cuban Activists

The Anarcho-Capitalist Club of Cuba, which “advocates freedom and anarcho-capitalist political philosophy” in Cuba, launched a bitcoin donation account to raise funds. Founders of the organization, which is allied with the Mises Institute of Cuba, believe they are the first organization to accept digital currency in Cuba.

U.S. Legal Services

Another US law firm has joined the growing list of those accepting bitcoin as payment for their legal services. Anderson, Desimone & Green, P.C., operating in Virginia, specializes in estate planning and administration services. The firm is using Coinbase to process bitcoin payments from clients.

Russian Anti-Censorship Movement

Russian anti-censorship non-profit organization RuBlackList.NET is now accepting bitcoin donations, as well as donations in litecoin. The organization was created to “promote the ideas of freedom of information and self-regulation of Internet industry”, according to the group’s website.

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