Introducing itBit’s Global OTC Agency Trading Desk


We are proud to introduce the itBit Global OTC Agency Trading Desk, a boutique service that specializes in facilitating large transactions over 100 bitcoins.   

Access itBit’s Regulated OTC and Exchange Markets with One Account  

There has been a vibrant OTC bitcoin trading market operating in parallel to the existing exchanges. itBit’s Global OTC Agency Trading Desk offers the best of both worlds, allowing clients to trade in the OTC market through their existing itBit exchange account.

Why itBit for OTC Trading?

  • Deep liquidity through our global network of clients across 100+ countries

  • No broker or trading fees

  • Same-day settlement

  • Private, personalized trading experience

Start Trading Today and Receive $50 in Bitcoin

To commemorate the launch of our OTC trading desk, we are offering $50 in bitcoin when you complete your first OTC trade!



Contact us directly at to connect with our team of professional traders. 


Our objective in opening a trading desk is to simply match OTC buyers and sellers. We are not a brokerage or a proprietary trading desk and will never trade against our own clients.

OTC Trading Offer Legal Disclaimer