Bitcoin Cash Withdrawal Schedule - April 2018-December 2018


Since December 2017, itBit has been processing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) withdrawals on a monthly basis for customers who have selected a one time withdrawal of their full BCH balance.  

You can make a one-time withdrawal of your full BCH balance via your account by clicking on “Withdraw” on the Funding page and entering an external BCH address. You must withdraw the full balance of Bitcoin Cash in one transaction. BCH withdrawals will not count against daily or monthly withdrawal limits.

Bitcoin Cash withdrawals will now be processed at the following times:

WithdrawAl Request Period


Withdrawal Processed

February 28, 5:01PM UTC

March 31, 5:00PM UTC Monday, April 2

March 31, 5:01PM UTC

April 30, 5:00PM UTC Tuesday, May 1

April 30, 5:01PM UTC

May 31, 5:00PM UTC Friday, June 1
May 31, 5:01PM UTC

June 30, 5:00PM UTC Monday, July 2

June 30, 5:01PM UTC

July 31, 5:00PM UTC Wednesday, August 1

July 31, 5:01PM UTC

August 31, 5:00PM UTC Monday, September 4

August 31, 5:01PM UTC

September 30, 5:00PM UTC Monday, October 1
September 30, 5:01PM UTC

October 31, 5:00PM UTC Thursday, November 1

October 31, 5:01PM UTC

November 30, 5:00PM UTC Monday, December 3


After December 3, additional BCH withdrawal processing dates may be announced periodically. itBit is not accepting any deposits of Bitcoin Cash and does not support trading of Bitcoin Cash.